What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder where the person is subjected to excessive sweating in many parts of the body. Contrary to belief, this is not more common in either males or females. It affects so many people in different ways and be quite embarassing to the sufferer. This can ultimately lead to Social Anxiety and we want to help combat this disorder.

The Many Forms:

Armpit Sweating

Excessive Face Sweating

Sweaty Palms

Night Sweats

Vaginal Sweating

The Causes:




Underlying Medical Conditions

Prescription Drugs & Illegal Drugs

Hereditary disposition runs in the family.

Products that we use or consume on a daily basis: Alcohol, Cigarettes, Caffeine, Greasy foods

Some of the Myths:

Only overweight people sweat excessively.

Baby powder is a sweat stopper.

Sweat causes body odour – in fact Sweat is Odourless.

Men have more sweat glands. FALSE! Women actually have more.

Underarms have the most sweat glands. FALSE AGAIN! Our feet have the most.

What can you do about Hyperhidrosis?

The use of Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Hyperhidrosis is a proven, safe and effective treatment, which takes minutes and lasts for months – in fact, success rates are almost 100% and the treatment positively transforms many patients lives.

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