Aesthetic Treatments

Refine Aesthetic & General Practice Clinic is located at 34 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, in Dublin 2. Our aim is to constantly research advancements in the non-surgical aesthetic industry, to ensure the procedures we offer are the best available to our clients and accepted by the medical profession.

Dr. Natalia Bratu has been practicing in the medical field for over 25 years. Natalia graduated as a General Practitioner in 1998 from The Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Moldova and completed a Dermatology and Venereology Post Graduate Degree in 2001.

She worked in Bucharest, Romania during 2001-2007 as a GP and from there she got involved in Aesthetic Medicine world.

Natalia has been a practicing GP in Ireland since 2008, and has continued her Post Graduate Professional Education here.  She earned her Dermatology Diploma from University College Dublin in 2009. She became a member of PCSA (Primary Care Association), the EDA (European
Dermatology Association), the IDS (International Dermoscopy Society) and the SCCA (Skin Cancer College Australia).

Natalia’s passion for Aesthetic Medicine led her down the path of establishing Refine Clinic in 2012 with the focus on educating patients in skin health, and to perform dermatoscopy to dignose atypical lesions in the early stages.

From 2008 to present, she has been a practicing GP, Dermatologist and performs minor surgery on a regular basis.


General Practice

We also offer a General Practice service to people of all ages, and have currently re-opened our registration to allow new patients attend the clinic for every day health matters. We know you have busy lives, so we’re here to make it easy and accessible for you.
Within General Practice, our focus is on Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Sports Medicine & Injury Prevention and also Dermatology.

If you have a regular GP and are unable to get an appointment with that GP, there is no problem making an appointment with us. We can even transfer appointment notes to your own Doctor (with your permission). If you are visiting Dublin and are feeling unwell, drop into us, or give us a call.

We will do our best to accommodate you, and we can forward notes to your regular GP (with your permission).

Meet Dr. Natalia Bratu