Consultation Booking, Cancellation & Refunds Policies

Consultation Booking and Cancellation policy

General Policy: At Refine Clinic we are fortunate to have a lot of interest in our services. Sometimes, this can lead to waiting lists for appointments and some treatments. In the interest of all patients we must be regrettably “strict” with our Booking & Cancellation Policy.

Please note that ALL Aesthetic treatments at Refine Clinic require a consultation,  if you  haven’t had the treatment previously at Refine Clinic or haven’t had the  Aesthetic treatment within  12 months  at Refine Clinic. If you have the treatment on the day the consultation fee will be discounted by €50. 

Consultation fees  with Dr. Bratu are paid up front as a booking deposit, and all treatments have a €100 booking deposit applied  at time of appointment booking.This will appear as a credit note on your invoice for the day of your appointment.

Payment policy

It is our policy to charge for all consultations and treatments. The only offers for discounts are those that may be offered on different treatments from time to time. These offers are displayed on Refine Clinics Website.  Any practice of ‘free top ups’ are  not available at Refine Clinic, given the high cost of products.

Refunds policy

It is our policy that no post-treatment refunds will be offered as the costs of materials used in our procedures are not returnable.

We will however endeavour to help any patient who is not 100% satisfied with the treatment or service they’ve received, to the best of our ability and will review any case. The consultation fee is €100 for this review. If any further treatment is required, the relevant fee for any product(s) used will be charged accordingly. In some cases, the consultation fee may be redeemable against those treatments (please refer to our price list).

Please also refer to our  Privacy Statements and our Terms of Use