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Stylage Dermal Fillers

Stylage dermal fillers are highly advanced hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with antioxidants. They offer a natural but rich solution for a range of beauty concerns.

Refresh and Rejuvenate

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The Stylage Dermal Filler – hyaluronic acid gel injection acts by filling in wrinkles and leaving the skin’s surface visibly smoother. Once the indication has been determined, Dr. Natalia will choose a treatment according to the condition of the patient’s skin, age, depth of the wrinkles, and the desired effect: Stylage S, M, or L.

  • Stylage Dermal Filler S : with and without Lidocaine: for superficial wrinkles and creased areas (dermis).
  • Stylage Dermal Filler M : with and without Lidocaine: for medium to deep folds (dermis) and lips augmentation (lips mucosa)
  • Stylage Dermal Filler L : with and without Lidocaine: for deep to very deep wrinkles (dermis) and restoration of volume in the back of the hand (sub-cutaneous).

Kissable Lips Can Be Yours

vivacy stylage lips

The lip area is very difficult to treat correctly due to its mobility, vascularisation, and sensitivity to thermal and mechanical shocks.

Stylage Dermal Filler Special Lips is specially designed for this delicate and sensitive region. It can improve the lip contour, restore proper lip volume, and shape the lips. For a more comfortable procedure, Stylage Dermal Filler Special Lips is also available with a local anesthetic, lidocaine.

Refine Those Stubborn Wrinkles

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Facial volume loss contributes to facial ageing. High-viscosity volumising hyaluronic acid gels, such as Stylage   XL and Stylage XXL, are indicated for the restoration or augmentation of facial volume. The Stylage Derma Fillers can be used to restore the volume loss of the facial tissues that have diminished over time into hollow areas, like the temples, the cheeks, the oval of the face, and the chin.

For a more comfortable procedure, Stylage  XL is also available with a local anaesthetic, lidocaine.

Rehydrate Your Skin

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Stylage Dermal Filler Hydro and Stylage Derma Filler  HydroMax are indicated to improve hydration and cutaneous elasticity of the face, neck, décolleté, and back of the hand.

One to three injection sessions are required to treat the skin optimally, depending on your skin and depth of injections.

Dr. Natalia will advise you further at your consultation.

Stylage                                                     €325 per 1ml

Stylage Special Lips                              €450 per 1ml

Stylage  Medium                                   €375 per 1ml

Stylage Large                                         €425 per 1ml

Stylage  XL                                              €450 per 1ml

Stylage XXL                                           €500 per 1ml