PRP Therapy for Urinary Incontinence

PRP Therapy for Urinary Incontinence

Why does incontinence occur?

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary urination caused by weak or overactive bladder muscles. This condition can cause social anxiety and extreme embarrassment.

While many people blame this problem on getting older, the fact is that urinary leakage doesn’t have to be an accepted part of the ageing process.

Generally speaking, urinary incontinence is due to a weakness of pelvic floor muscles as we age. Many women also experience these issues after having a child or multiple children through natural birth.


What types of Incontinence exist in women?

  • Stress incontinence: The involuntary urination caused by any physical activity that puts pressure on the abdomen. This includes coughing, sneezing, laughing, or jumping.
  • Urge incontinence: The urgent and strong desire to urinate before you have time to get to the toilet. This can be caused by an overactive bladder.

The Procedure

Our PRP Urinary Incontinence treatment uses YOUR own blood to rejuvenate vaginal tissue.

The procedure, also known as O-Shot PRP, is a non-surgical and safe option for women to get rid of Urinary Incontinence.

The procedure begins with a small amount of blood is taken from a patient’s arm and separated. This gives us concentrated PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). This contains essential growth factors that regenerate vaginal tissues.

Then, Dr Natalia Bratu will inject the Plasma into the space around the urethra, relieving from urinary incontinence in a week or two. The procedure is not as painful as you get a local anaesthetic before the actual injection. This takes less than 5 minutes.


  • Decreased urinary incontinence in a week or two.
  • Improvement in confidence when amongst friends.
  • Greater arousal from stimulation.
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms.
  • Increased sexual desire.

Results may vary due to a variety of factors.

There is zero downtime associated with this treatment – as soon as your treatment is complete, you are able to return to all of your normal activities, including work.

Dr. Natalia Bratu also offers Vaginal Rejuvenation to reshape vaginal lips. It’s a non-surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the labia, improving woman’s self-confidence and relationships.

Pre & Post Treatment Advice

  • We ask that you stop taking anti-inflammatory medication at least 1 week before your treatment.
  • Dr. Natalia will discuss the treatment steps, your goals for the treatment, and the reasonable expectations you should have about your treatment outcome.
  • Dr. Natalia may need to gather certain medical advice about you, such as the date of your last period, your childbearing plans, and any previous treatments you have tried in the past for your female health concerns.
  • We ask you not to douche before your treatment.
  • The most important thing for you to do is thoroughly wash the vagina and vulva area.
  • Please avoid douching after your treatment. This will upset the natural balance of your vagina and your vaginal tissues will already be somewhat sensitive due to the treatment.
  • Please only wash with warm water and soap for the first 24 hours after your treatment.
  • We recommend abstaining from any sexual activity for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Natalia will be looking after you and will have a full consultation with you to discuss your medical health and suitability, benefits and risks of PRP Urinary Incontinence treatment, and result and post-treatment expectations. Dr Natalia is a fully insured medical doctor, registered with the Irish Medical Council and has over 15 years experience in medical aesthetic treatments.

The PRP Urinary Incontinence treatment is suitable for any women who have urinary incontinence or dyspareunia (pain during sex). During your consultation Dr. Natalia will discuss all factors and take it all into account. 

Yes, this treatment is safe and has been approved worldwide for the stimulation of collagen, nerves, and muscles in the vagina. This treatment is only as invasive as a regular pap smear and is performed with sterilised equipment.

And because this treatment does not involve the use of any chemicals or hormones, there is no risk of negative side effects.

The procedure takes 35-40 minutes in total. The procedure is not painful as you get an local anaesthetic before the actual injection that takes less than 5 minutes.

We would recommend having this treatment done annually if you wish to continue enjoying the results of this treatment. Having a maintenance treatment once a year will encourage higher rates of collagen production, as well as continually stimulating the nerves in the vagina and strengthening the vaginal muscles.

Results will vary but, many of our patients have reported back to us that they have felt relief from urinary incontinence in a week or two. Confidence levels were also improved amongst many of these women.

Contact us for more information on PRP Therapy for Urinary Incontinence.

Appointments can be made via our Booking Page, email, or via phone. Please be advised that our secretary may need to ask some personal questions to help decide which appointment type is most suited to your needs.