Trying to beat the “January Blues” can be hard for some, especially when the weather is as awful as it is now. Some of us feel that it’s just not the same without the warm glow of candles and the cozy feeling of Christmas lights.
But, it’s the beginning of a new year. It’s a chance to maybe try something new this year. Work towards a new goal, and look after yourself more.

Here’s our tips for Beating the January Blues and starting 2018 on a positive note as February approaches.

1. Make a List

Prioritise what YOU want this year. What do you want to achieve? What do you want out of your personal life this year?
List the most realistic goals that you know can work towards achieving.

2. Spring Clean / Declutter

A messy space can contribute to a muddled headspace or mindset. Brighten up where you work and relax. With limited light outside, the mere thought of “going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark” is enough to drive some of us crazy.
Decorate your home with fresh bright flowers. Replace sheets and throws with bright fabrics. Coming home to a bright environment can help relax you.

3. Self Care

Improve your diet. Forget “dry January”. Make it an ongoing change in your life to cut down on alcohol consumption and sugar intake.
As the days get brighter towards Spring, try to get out more and get moving. Fresh air elevates your mood and cleans your lungs.
The cold weather in Winter can dry out the skin, so take the time to treat your skin and leave yourself feeling relaxed and refreshed.

4. Listen to Music that makes you Happy

Even when you’re feeling down, try to steer clear of depressive or melancholy music as this will only prolong your “bad mood”. Maybe try listening to interviews or comedy podcasts to keep your attention.

If you find yourself affected by depression or sadness you can call us on 087 164 7942 to arrange a chat with Dr. Natalia. We care about all of our patients’ Mental Health.