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Hair Loss Treatments

Over the last number of years, Refine Clinic has seen a dramatic growth in patients seeking non-surgical options for treating hair loss.

To ensure that that we have non-surgical options for all of our patients, we offer our patients 2 different paths to treating their Hair loss. The treatments can even be effective for patients with telogen effluvium and male and female androgenetic alopecia.

Below is some information on our first option, Tricopat. Tricopat is a non-invasive, no-needle approach to combatting hereditary hair loss. It is an alternative , but can also complement Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment  for Hair Loss.

Please feel free to read the information and the FAQs.  However, best action is to arrange a consultation with Dr Natalia to discuss your specific issues and then let Dr. Natalia help you decide what the best treatment option is for your individual circumstances.


TRICOPAT®  is a non-invasive, no-needle approach to combating hereditary hair loss.

Exclusive to Refine Clinic, Tricopat™ is the latest development in trichology for the treatment of male and female scalp pathologies, in a completely painless way and without injections.

With a Tricopat™ treatment plan, patients will see results after just four total sessions conducted three weeks apart.

Benefits of Tricopat

  • Can be used to treat patients as young as 12 years of age.
  • The technologies in TricoPat® are minimally invasive and painless.
  • Each session takes only 20 minutes.
  • Tricopat is clinically proven.
  • Unlike other types of approach that take much longer, with no guarantee of results you will have thicker, stronger, and definitely more beautiful hair, quickly and effectively.
  • Thanks to the stimulation that the TricoPat®® emits, not only does the hair benefit as mentioned above, but your scalp will reap the benefits too. During the Trichogenesis® protocol the cells are stimulated, the skin is vascularised with consequent oxygenation and collagen production is stimulated. All this also promotes the healing of any inflammatory conditions.
  • “Pleasant and painless”. This is what all patients have said about Tricopat.
  • Only positive effects  – As attested by the scientific study and all our medical customers, our patients are happy with the result with the following rating: 40% think they got a good result while 60% say they got a very significant result. With the Trichogenesis® protocol we have 100% satisfied patients.

The Result

Your confidence will be boosted with a significant improvement in androgenetic alopecia both in male and female patients. There is also the reduction of hair loss and an increase in hair diameter in all of the treated scalp areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TricoPat® work on all the scalp pathologies?

TricoPat® is validated for the treatment of telogen effluvium and male and female androgenetic alopecia. Further scientific studies are in progress for the treatment of scarring and areate alopecias (the latter is treated using the gel with Triamcinolone acetonide).

What age group is treated with TricoPat®?

Patients from 12 to 70 years old.

How long is the session with TricoPat®?

It’s about 20 minutes.

How many sessions should I do?

The protocol is made by 4 sessions, one every three weeks.

Is it painful?

Absolutely not. It could be annoying in the first part of the session, during the Skin Patting®.

What should I do the days before?

No preparation is needed.

Could I combine TricoPat® with other therapies?

Yes, it has been proven that TricoPat® combined with drug therapies yields faster results.

When could I wash my hair after the treatment?

You can wash your hair the same evening of the day of the treatment, but we do not recommend dying the hair until 48 hours after the session.

When could I start to work?

After the treatment.

When can I start to see results?

After the first session the hair drop is stopped, from the third onward there is hair thickness and thickening where you have active bulbs.

What is TricoPat® treatment?

It is the combined action of mechanical, electric and light stimulation with the delivery of active ingredients. They give a cells stimulation and tissue vascularization.

Is it safe? Is there any collateral effect on the skin?

The treatment with TricoPat® is safe and effective. There is no blood withdrawal and no injection. It is simple, painless and absolutely tolerable from patients.

How long will my results last?

After the 4 sessions of the protocol, results last until one year, but we suggest  one session every 2 months to maintain the results. Most treated patients request to continue treatment beyond the protocol.

Who cannot have the treatment?

Pregnant women, patients with pace maker, cochlear implants and metal plates on the skull.

When can the TricoPat® protocol be performed?

The TricoPat® protocol can be performed during the whole year because it is not invasive and it leaves the skin without marks.