Men’s Health Through the Decades

It is important to stay on top of men’s health. Your body is going to change through your life, and by following simple steps you can live longer and enjoy your life for longer. Your body won’t thank you in the long run, if you don’t look after it.


In Your 20’s

Eat Well.

Everyday, try to include ½ plate of fruits and vegetables, ¼ plate of whole grains and ¼ plate of lean proteins. Men’s ability to control their weight decreases with age, so it becomes even more important to make sure you are making healthy, nutritious choices for your meals.

Lead an active lifestyle. 

Run, jog, take brisk walks, take the stairs rather than the lift in work. Little things can make a difference to your heart health.

Know Your Supplements.

Know what’s in the workout-enhancing supplements you’re taking – if you’re taking them, that is.

Sun Protection.

Use sun creams! Avoid tanning beds, tanning injections and wear sunglasses.

Stop smoking NOW. 

It’s never too late to quit, but try to quit as early as you can. Quitting smoking has immediate and long-term benefits. It improves your health and lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease and other smoking related illnesses.

In Your 30’s

We know you’re busy, but don’t skip out on routine checkups and tests throughout the year. Schedule an annual doctor visit for liver functions, kidney function, sugars and cholesterol screenings.  Watch your diet, you don’t want unwanted pounds creeping up on you.

Avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle. Get up and move around the office or your workplace. Adults need at least 2 ½ hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. Spread your jogging or gym activity out during the week, breaking it into smaller amounts of time rather than doing it all in one day.

In Your 40’s

See your doctor regularly. This is the time when prostate and heart problems usually start.

Eat a well balanced diet, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy all foods in moderation. What’s the proper serving size? A deck of cards!

Take a daily multivitamin and stay hydrated.  It’s important to exercise every day, but listen to your body. Don’t overdo it.

In your 50’s

  • Get routine screenings, including a colonoscopy.
  • Stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime.
  • Avoid excess sugar and drink alcohol in moderation.
  • Do your joints hurt? Take a swim or hop on a bike. Don’t let the stiffness that comes with aging prevent you from exercising.

In Your 60’s

  • Don’t just stay active physically, keep your mind active too. Be engaged, join a new club or organization.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends, don’t isolate yourself.
  • Do Tai Chi or yoga to improve balance and flexibility.
  • Keep up to date with your doctor screenings and visits.

In your 70’s & Beyond

  • There’s no place like home. Take care to keep it safe.
  • Improve lighting, remove tripping hazards and add grab bars in your bathroom.
  • If you live alone, adopt a small pet to keep you company.
  • Trust your primary care physician to be your healthcare guru.
  • Keep your Primary Care Physician informed about your medications and any side effects you may be experiencing.

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