We all love to feel our best and to look our best. The fact that “the better we look the better we feel” remains as true as ever, therefore the demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments continues to be overwhelming for us at Refine Clinic.

Well, we want to Introduce LANLUMA to Refine Clinic.

Lanluma is Sinclair’s newest product, which is considered to be the most effective collagen stimulating injectable that smoothes, reshapes and sculpts the face and body with long lasting natural results.

What is Lanluma?

Lanluma is a highly effective collagen stimulating injectable range that smoothes, shapes and sculpts the body. Lanluma pushes injectable body sculpting to the next level, generating aesthetic results which speak for themselves.

How does Lanluma work?

When injected into the body, LanLuma goes deep into the skin to stimulate the growth of new collagen to provide long-lasting results. This makes it unique among other dermal fillers, as LanLuma doesn’t just focusing on ‘filling up”’ areas with hyaluronic acid. Lanluma works gradually over time to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Is Lanluma the same as Dermal Fillers?

Lanluma treatment works in a total different way to traditional dermal fillers, as it is a distinctive collagen treatment, which reduces lines, wrinkles and folds in a gradual and subtle way.

By helping to replenish the body’s own facial collagen and restore lost volume, it can give a fuller face, breasts, hips, buttocks with gradual natural looking results.


What parts of the body can be treated?

  • Face – Revitalize the skin and reduce wrinkles in the chin, jawline, cheeks, temples.
  • Hands – Reduce wrinkles and veiny appearance on hands.
  • Buttocks – Increase plumpness and reduce the look of a sagging bottom.
  • Thighs – Achieve smoother and fuller skin with a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
  • Hips – Smooth cellulite and reduce the appearance of hip dips.

How is Lanluma different to surgical procedures?

  • Surgical procedures can be very costly over time.
  • Recovery can take several weeks.
  • In some cases, patients will need antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Some patients may have significant bruising that lasts 3 weeks or longer.

The Lanluma Bum Lift

We are so proud to introduce, to you, the Lanluma bum lift! If you’re looking for a bit of volume, enhancement, a lift, a reshape, hiding some hip dips, things like that, Lanluma is perfect for you. Secondly, it will improve skin texture and help with the appearance of cellulite.

With Lanluma, the non-surgical bum lift can maintain results for two to three years which is a longer period of time in comparison to most body dermal fillers. Subsequent top-up treatments after two to three year can maintain buttock volume and shape.

Lanluma creates a more even appearance by correcting the hip to waist ratio as well as plumping up the deficient areas of the buttocks with the new collagen.


Before & After


What about results?

You will start to see results gradually, and depending on your lifestyle, you will expect results to last 2 years or even more.

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