Common Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Imbalances cause more problems and health issues that I think you’d expect. It’s something that affects both men and women at every point in life. A lot of the time, we can fix these problems ourselves just by making some changes.

Some of the signs of Hormone Imbalance:

Persistent Weight Gain, Chronic Fatigue & Low Energy Levels, Anxiety, Irritability & Depression, Insomnia & Poor Sleeping Patterns, Low Sex Drive (Libido), Hot Flashes, Sweating & the Chills. Cravings & trouble Digesting food. Acne/Facial Hair

Many hormone imbalances are related to our lifestyle. Start by making changes – the correct changes – in your personal environment.

When it comes to Food & Drink:

  • Skip or Minimize Alcohol intake
  • Try to eliminate sugars from your diet – and this includes those artificial sweeteners!
  • Minimize your caffeine intake
  • Minimize your gluten intake – or eliminate altogether.
  • Stay away from processed foods. They’re filled with neurotoxins and things that disrupt our endocrine system.

Making Changes at Home

  • Clean Up. De-clutter!
  • Get rid of toxic cleaners & chemicals.
  • Replace plastic in your kitchen with other storage materials.
  • Try to remove fluoride from your water – fluoride calcifies your pineal gland and this can lead to Dementia.

Make Positive Changes to your Body

  • Detox as often as you can – don’t fast or do a juice detox. If your body isn’t used to detoxing, it’s best to slowly introduce different methods. If the body is thrown into a full detox or fast, it will do everything it can to hold on to fat stores for future energy use.
  • Move Around! Our bodies aren’t meant to sit all day. It’s one of the worst things we can do, if we are trying to make positive changes to our hormonal profiles.
  • Sex is Good for You! Sex releases feel-good hormones.

Clean Up Your Mental Environment

  • Negative self talk and comparing yourself to others brings unnecessary stress and starts the hormone roller coaster over and over.
  • Practice being Present! Put away your phone, your laptop, your computer and just enjoy the company of others. It’s too easy to get lost in technology and lose sight of what’s happening around us.
  • Decide what you want in Life. Make the Change.


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