What is your Décolletage?

Your décolletage is the upper part of your torso, comprising of the neck, shoulders, back and upper chest. Anywhere that is exposed by the neckline of your clothing.

Why should you care for it ?

When it comes to skin care, we , as women, often overlook the décolletage.

The skin on the décolletage is one of the first places you can see the effects of ageing. This is mainly due to the fact that this area doesn’t have as many reparative oil glands, and the skin is less elastic and thinner than the skin tissue on our faces.

It’s not uncommon to see someone with beautiful smooth skin on their face, and then our eyes are drawn to the saggy and wrinkly skin on the chest and neck.

It’s never too late to start caring for this delicate part of your body.

How to care for it.

  • Cleanse with the same cleanser you use on your face. Cleanse daily.
  • Exfoliate daily.
  • Moisturiser is key. Keeping the area moisturiser is an easy way to prevent dryness and ageing.
  • Always use sunscreen.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for your Décolletage

You can always use anti-Wrinkle Treatments for smooth out the skin. These Anti-Wrinkle injections helps to relax the muscles in the chest, making wrinkles and lines look less pronounced. It can give the skin a tighter and firmer appearance.

Skin that was once full of wrinkles, is smoother and more youthful.

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