About Dr Lucy Kelly

About Dr Lucy Kelly, Mb BAO BCh (Hons), MICGP, DOWH, ECEPC, PGCert Aesthetics

Dr Lucy brings a surgical and holistic background to her work here at Refine Clinic.

She was surgically trained in 2007 and qualified as a yoga therapist and teacher in 2015. This perfectly shows the precision and compassion she brings to every treatment and patient.

Dr Lucy is passionate about mental health, women’s health and aesthetics. Her primary goal is always the patient and helping them achieve the result they desire. Her continuous education and training philosophy is completely aligned with Refine Clinic’s ethos.

At Refine Clinic, Dr Lucy is available for

  • PRP hair
  • Tricopat Hair
  • PRP  non surgical face lift
  • Anti wrinkle treatments
  • Dermal Fillers  – all filler types
  • Prohfilo
  • Hyperhydrosis – sweating  all areas.

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Dr Lucy Kelly